Wednesday, May 7, 2008

pure love.

aaaahhhh I LOVE seeing mama's and baby's just being together the way they are. The little nuances, the snuggles, the tenderness, the quirks of different children.
Here is sweet Lyla again (she was the upside down baby a few posts ago!) and her beautiful mom Whitney. I hope mom enjoys these. I sincerely enjoyed meeting them and watching them love each other.

Hiding with mom. LOL. Who hasn't experienced this?!


Patti said...

These are just beautiful Jen!

Tonya Marie said...

These are pure love. I think my favorite might be the one with mom kissing baby's forehead...but they are all absolutely lovely!

Melissa E Earle said...

I love these jen, and it reminds me that I need some boots for my kids too! I love the green boots!!!
-Melissa E Earle

Donna Boucher said...

This is such a loving set of pictures Jen.
This little girlie loves her mommy so much!!!

Lisa Julia said...

2 and 4 are so sweet and tender, especially...those boots are stinkin' cute too LOL!!

threelittlebirds said...

gorgeous jen.. you have a special way of capturing the perfect moments in a relationship. beautiful!