Friday, May 9, 2008

the beautiful maddie and her beautiful mama.

Maddie was another of the amazing, gorgeous children who modeled for us at Marmalade's, "See the Light" workshop" ( This was a fantastic workshop that focused on pushing your business forward. What I loved most about the day we went out shooting, was that we were able to take the models off with a parent and really get to know them. Talk with them, play with them-just like we would do at a regular session! I love true human connection, and we were really able to take the time we wanted to share that with these kids and their parents! If you're thinking about a business workshop, I can't recommend this one enough! Now, on to more photos!!
Maddie was trying to decide which princess is her favorite. lol. She was full of funny stories!

And when she got tired, she knew where to turn for comfort and snuggles, her sweet mom. Yep, that's Whitney, mom to the adorable baby Lyla who you saw a few days ago. Whitney was so kind and gentle with her kids, such a joy to watch!

And someone was feeling recharged and silly again!

Thanks again to Marianne, the other attendees, and all of the parents and their children. It was a wonderful weekend! I still have a few more images to share tomorrow! Thanks for looking friends!


Anonymous said...

the interaction between mom and her daughters is so heartwarming!! i love that you kept snapping, jen. what priceless treasures for this mother to have, honestly. aren't our jobs the BEST?! :)

i love these jen, i can't tell you enough.

Tonya Marie said...

I love *The Princess* look. What a perfect capture.