Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Xander is nine months already!

I can hardly believe this little guy is already nine months old! I love that I get to watch him getting bigger, growing into his little personality. He laughs and squeals, scoots quickly across the room in pursuit of a ball, munches on his books, snuggles his mommy, he's got several tiny little teeth already and, get this, he LOVES to hang upside down! It's the funniest thing to watch, he throws himself backwards so his mom will tip him over! So cute. He's a bundle of sunshine. I hope you love the photos Jennifer, thanks for having me over to play!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet two super cuties-Logan and Luke!

You know, I"m one of those people who think you can love every person you meet, simply because we are all people. Simply because we all deserve it. There was a line in a superhero movie recently that cracked me up-the female lead was telling the hero that he falls in love with every woman he meets. LOL. That's how I feel about these little ones I'm lucky enough to meet. They are fabulous kids, full of life and energy and so deserving of love and respect. And it is so easy to give it because they love people too. I feel so blessed to share photography with these families!

I'm done rambling,lol. I'm happy to introduce you to the very adorable almost two year old ball of energy Logan and his very adorable baby brother, Luke. I hope mom and dad enjoy the sneak peek! Thanks for looking!

I wish I could say that I was responsible for this gorgeous, authentic laugh, but I wasn't! Logan was laughing and playing with his mommy and he just happened to turn my way! Lucky me! He had one of the most infectious giggles I've ever heard.

baby fingers are yummy!

Luke is one of those shiny, happy babies. I loved his bright, cheery eyes!

There is something so special about watching kids interacting with their parents. Logan was crazy over his mom and dad, and they were crazy over him. It was such a joy to watch!

Isn't it funny how, when they stop running for five seconds, they realize they are worn out?!

Luke was busy trying to figure this whole camera thing out!