Wednesday, April 9, 2008

upside down!

That's how I feel lately, lol! Way behind with my online friends-I'm so sorry I've neglected you guys!! I'm hoping to get back to my old groove soon. After traveling for nine days straight, I just have lots of catching up to do!

I met this little cutie over the weekend at the "See the Light" workshop, put together by the ohsoamazing Marmalade Photography. I feel like my business/marketing has had this great shot in the arm! I have so many wonderful new ideas to implement, changes to make! I can't wait!For my photography friends, if you're looking for a business/marketing/shooting boost, check her out! I'm so glad I went!! I have so much more to share and to tell you guys! And just wait for Charlie, omgosh, I fell in love with that little man! He'll be making his blog debut soon!

Thanks to my friends who asked me where the heck I've been, lol. And apologies to my blog who is feeling neglected. I'll try to do better!

Thanks for checking in friends! Hope to see you all soon!


Krissy said...

That's a great shot! I love your action stuff. It's so incrediby apt because they never. stop. moving. Or is that my kid only?

Thanks again for everything! It was fabulous meeting you!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion to check out Marmalade...Looking forward to it.
Your photography is wonderful.



Tonya Marie said...

Glad you are back!
And what a fun capture.
Can't wait to see more.

marmalade said...

More! MORE! MORE!!

I loved meeting you. Thank you for coming and hanging out. We totally have to do The Cure one time. Robert Smith look out! :)

Dawn said...

Ohhh love it! And so glad to know you enjoyed Marmalades workshop...she's incredible.

Lisa Julia said...

Missed you!!!!!
I love your work so much...and couldn't help but see marm's Cure reference...i puffy heart them too lol!

Anonymous said...

Oooh this is a FUN image! Love the way you've composed it. I'd love to attend Marmalade's workshop too. So glad you enjoyed yourself! Can't wait to see what this shot in the arm does for your already-fabulous work. :)

Whitney said...

Love the pic of my little Lyla!! We had so so much fun that day and we have been so impatiently waiting to see the results of your talents!!

Thanks so much for the sneak peek!