Saturday, February 2, 2008

snow fun.

So if your kids are anything like mine, a snow storm is the best thing ever. Our deck seems to collect snow like crazy, we had 14" up there when we woke up on Friday! James declared that he'd have to dig his car out before he could go to work. Poor kid, his work is just never done.

Hahaha. Just a little snap to say hello on our snowy, snowy weekend! Hope you're all having fun and staying warm!


~S said...

Good grief, Jen! You're going to make him shovel his own car out?! This is just too cute. Wish we had some of your snow!

Tonya said...

He can come and help us shovel out too! I don't think we got as much as you though.

Anonymous said...

My little guy has a shovel just like that! He looks so determined to get that car out! ...just adorable.

Stacey Woods said...

This is completely precious, Jen!! I love it to pieces! Poor little fella. :) I remember shoveling my car out many times before I went to work, when I lived in Kentucky. Which is why I live in Florida now. LOL!