Friday, February 22, 2008

six day old sugar.

Meet the most precious six day old ever! Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing beautiful baby Elisabeth. She was a total sweetheart and wide awake most of the time! Quite a darling little chunkaroo, she was almost 11lbs at birth! Thank you to the C family for allowing me to share this very special time with you. You guys are a beautiful, amazing family.Tiny toes because I know her mama loves toesies!

Can you believe all of that beautiful, dark hair!

And finally, a little pout. (Don't worry, I have a version with her whole head too, lol, I just loved that pout!) I have a feeling I will be sharing lots more of this little doll. And J, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!


Tonya Marie said...

Now that is one gorgeous chunk of love! I adore the last and the composition really shows off that cute pout.

Stacey Woods said...

Oh is there anything sweeter?! You did a fabulous job, man oh man. Beautiful images, Jen!! xox

Lisa Julia said...

Your compositions and conversions truly dazzle are THE rock star with

tammy said...

I LURVE the little pout! you GO girl!!

~S said...

Yay! A new post from you!!! I love the beautiful simplicity of these and the last one is my very favorite. Did you say almost 11 pounds???!!!!

mindy said...

this little precious is full of sweetness! love em all :)

Donna Boucher said...

Do you adjust your black and whites in photoshop a step at a time or do you use actions to get this light look.

My black and whites are very dark and dramatic and that usually works with katie's freckles, but I would love to learn how to do something softer like this.

Any tips.

Thank you!